La Esperanza coffee farm, is located in Hoja Blanca, La Democracia, Huehuetenango, between 4,780 and 5,300 feet. At the plantation, we have different varieties of coffee: Arabica, Bourbón, caturra, maragogype and catuai. Mr. Eleodoro de Jesus Villatoro, funded the coffee farm at 1953. In the beginning, it was a small coffee plantation; less than 1 hectare, but it was not an obstacle to produce quality coffee. Actually, the coffee plantation is bigger, it has an extension of 50.61 hectares, 33.69 planted with coffee and the others are natural forest. La Esperanza has different anexes: El Mirador, San Pedrito, Santo Domingo, Vista Hermosa, El Boqueron and Humberto Hidalgo. Actually, in the farm works Mr. Villatoro and his sons, two generations producing genuine Huehuetenango coffee. We have quality control in all the process of production, our coffee is processed in an ecological wet mill and is dry en patios, that have an extension of 800 square meters. La Esperanza is an important natural area, because is located in the middle of two mountains that have water sources. We used coffee pulp like organic matter. Besides coffee, we produce citrus and bananas. Our great and exceptional coffee is result of rich soils, unique microclimate and hard work of the second generation of our family. Guatemala n Coffee Website

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    La Esperanza
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    Heleodoro Villatoro
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La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala