“Agricola SIARE” Estate, Matagalpa Gilda Cuadra de Rosales. This farm is located in Matagalpa, in the county of San Ramon at 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) above sea level. The lands are great for coffee plantations in all the coffee varieties. Recently the “Coffee Quality Institute” certified once again the quality of its production with an score of 87.67. These are parts of the data supplied to the owner of the farm by CISA (an exporter company). Agricola Siare has become in one of the most important farms of Matagalpa. The owner is Dona Gilda Cuadra de Rosales. She is well known for her coffee family tradition, which goes far beyond to her grandparents. Furthermore she is one of the oldest still active partners of the coffee association. Dona Gilda expresses with a good sense of humor: “All my life I enjoyed the wellness produced by the farm “La China” where Agricola SIARE has its origin. With the profit of the farm I’ve raised my children and it has always provided me wealth. However, after the death of my husband, Roberto Rosales my son is the one who helps me with the management and administration of my property. I believe I will inherit this land very soon”. She shows us all the awards and quality coffee certifications won by the farm. These awards are the fruits of her dedication during all her life. She also thanks her husband for these prices, whom she remembers with nostalgia.

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    Agricola Siare
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    Gilda Cuadra de Rosales
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Matagalpa, Nicaragua