LOT# 1

Farm: El Laurel

Farmer: Oscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio

Farm’s name and location:

El Laurel farm is located in Las Delicias community in the municipality of Danli, Department of El Paraiso. It has an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

What is your farm’s history? Is your farm a family unit? How long has it belonged to your family? How many members make up your family?

My father gave us half hectare to start with the crop. After that I bought some land which is where my current farm is located. Working hard with the help of my wife we have made the farm grow. Now that my sons are older, and they like working in coffee, we have been getting better in the overall production with their help. There has been rough periods because the coffee rust has affected us in the past, but we are now back on our feet.  

How many persons work in your farm, family members, permanent employees and temporary employees?

The farm is managed by me and my wife permanently, on harvest season we hire from 10-15 employees and when our sons are free they come to help.

What natural resources conservation practices do you follow in the farm?

We only have live barriers in our farm to help us with soil erosion and slow down the movement of water on raining seasons.

What is the shade percentage and the varieties found in your farm?

We keep 15% of shade in the plantation, due to the height is not recommended to have more shade.

What type of fertilization process and rust control do you use in your farm?

We fertilize the farm twice a year, following recommendations from IHCAFE technicians. We only use commercial fertilizers, no organic fertilization at the moment.

What type of management do you use in your farm (traditional, semi-technical, and technical?)

I can say the management we apply at the farm is semi-technical, the farm is small so it works this way.

Are you part of an association or cooperative?

I am part of a cooperative but I also sell coffee on my own. 

What is the secret for winning this competition (describe the preparation process of the competing lot)?

It is really interesting because there is no secret more than work hard, perseverance and be persistent, try to improve every day.

How does it feel to be a winner of the Cup of Excellence?

It is actually a dream come true, I am pretty sure every coffee producer wants this. It can’t be explained with words.

Who prepares your coffee for exportation? (Explain how you sell it and to whom)?

I sell my coffee here in El Paraiso to Molinos de Honduras , a company in San Pedro Sula.

What is your opinion of the Cup of Excellence?

It is an excellent opportunity for every coffee producer in Honduras , now my coffee can be recognized nationally and internationally.

What has been your experience in the Cup of Excellence?

This is our first time participating in COE, we tried last year but we had some delays in the application. But it has been a really good experience for me and my family.

The property’s characteristics:

The coffee’s characteristics in the Cup of Excellence:

Farm: El Laurel

Farmer: Oscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio

Place: 1


Latitude 14° 2'56.09"

Longitude - 86° 9'20.06"

Village: Las Delicias

Municipality: Danli

Department:  El Paraiso

Region: El Paraiso

Country: Honduras

Farm size: 10 Hectares

Area for growing coffee: 9 Hectares

Amount of coffee produced annually: 150 qq green coffee.

Varieties in the farm: Catimor, Parainema, Lempira, IHCAFE-90

Altitude: 1400 meter above sea level

Certifications: No

Variety: Parainema

Processing System: Wet mill and sun dried

Lot size: 13 boxes (30kg/box) approx. green coffee

Pounds: 850

Score from International Judges: 91.81

Cupping Number #: 175


Winning Bidder:

Top Jury Descriptions:

Flavor/aroma:  green apple, jasmine honeysuckle, bergamot, lemon peel, peach, jasmine, blueberry orange juice, pine nuts, oolong tea, whit win.

Acidity: refined, crisp, citric livel.

Other:   vibrant, lingering, velvet Mouth feel.

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    El Laurel 2017
  • Farmer
    Oscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
    10 Hectares
  • Score
  • Rank
  • Awards
    Presidential Award
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    pineapple, complex, nectar, dry wine, finish rose hips. floral
  • Aroma / Flavor
    honey, jasmine, grape, honey, lemon peel, papaya, honeysuckle, acidity, green apples concord grapes
  • Acidity
    structures, bergamot, perfume.