Abiot Boru Gobana, a coffee farmer in West Guji zone, Shakiso woreda, in Boba Uke kebele, Oromia region, is a 40-year-old father of four. He started the coffee business as a local coffee supplier in 2008. Currently, he produces coffee on his own 30 hectares, and on an additional 340 hectares through 100 outgrowers. He processes 80,000 kilograms of natural specialty coffee annually at his processing facility. Abiot is also a shareholder of Buno General Trading PLC, a coffee exporting company with major buyers in China, Taiwan, the US, and Europe. He also sells to Ethiopia Commodity Exchange.

This year his coffee became one of the national winners by scoring 85.93 points. “This is my first time participating in this type of competition,” said Abiot. “I believe this opportunity will pave the way for me and my farmers to better focus on quality production.”

Abiot is engaged in community support including donating to schools and the kebele as a whole. He helped build three additional classrooms in one of the government schools in Boba Uke kebele and financed an office building for the Dari Kidame kebele.

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    Abiyot Boru Gobana
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Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia


National Winner