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Productive unit history:
Guatalon is located in Belén Village, Santa Rosa de Lima, Santa Rosa; 21 miles from Guatemala City. It has a total area of 50 hectares, 15 of which produce coffee and a natural forest reserve of pine, cypress and other varieties inhabit the rest.

The name Guatalon comes from the term guatal, a word used in some Central American countries that refers to a piece of land where cattle graze after the corn harvest.

With a history of over 60 years of coffee production in the Juárez family, we are currently in the fourth generation of coffee growers, and we have continued our legacy, producing one of the best coffees of the region.

We are committed to keeping our natural resources and biodiversity. Guatalon is a fantastic place to do mountain hiking through the coffee forest and to experience a unique bird watching.

Wet mill:
Natural wells give us the water source for our wet mill. We employ a method of water recirculation in every process, intending to use a lesser amount of water in order to protect our ecosystem. We do our water treatment in sediment piles and use pulp as an organic fertilizer in plantations by transforming it with lombricompost.
All of our coffee is sun dried in patios for around 10-12 days, which produces very consistent and long-lasting quality coffees.

Social networks:
Facebook: @ElGuatalonCoffee. Instagram: @guataloncoffee.

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    Guillermo Antonio Juarez Solares
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Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, Guatemala


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