Finca San Jerónimo Miramar is a Regenerative and Biodiverse Farm in the eastern slopes of Atitlán Volcano, with more than 100 years of coffee history. Since the mid 50s the vision was to cultivate a collective farm-culture filled with passion, technique and attention to detail. Throughout the years other agricultural activities were incorporated like animal husbandry, honey, cheese making, tropical fruits and compost - to make the Farm more diverse, resilient and integrated. In the last decades the Finca has promoted biodiversity together with experimental coffee initiatives, in the field and in the mill, that has set a technical and biological foundation to establish the current Finca holistic philosophy and practices. Today, Finca San Jerónimo Miramar delivers high quality results in every step of the coffee value chain, all the way from selecting seeds to plant, to maintaining direct and progressive relationships with coffee roasters around the world. Sweet, juicy and complex cups represent the coffees harvested in the Finca, more than 35 different varieties are picked separately under the shade, to be processed in different methods to make more than 75 unique coffees we share with the world for every harvest cycle.

Farm Information
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    San Jeronimo Miramar Y Anexo Santa Isabel
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    Finca San Jeronimo Miramar Sociedad Anonima
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    Floral, Hibiscus rose, Lemon, Peach, Wine red, Bright, Fruits, Grapes, Orange, Creamy, Aromatic, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Floral, Jasmine, Vanilla, Juicy, Melon, Licha, Almond, Black tea, Blueberries, Effervescent"

Suchitepequez, Suchitepequez, Guatemala


Cup of Excellence