My name is Edith Araceli Rodriguez, I was raised in the countryside, and my parents harvested quality coffee in my youth, in those times they did not talk about so many varieties of coffee only the Borbón Indio, but from there I knew the taste, aroma and quality and height of a good coffee that I have not found in any other establishment no matter how expensive and fine it was, I did not find that flavor and that quality that my palate was already accustomed and developed, and I was looking for that coffee and I could not find it, And it is for this reason that I have always wanted to build a farm like this one, a high altitude farm that would give quality coffee, flavor, aroma and body like that of my farm, to invite you and offer you to taste what is indeed an exquisite and good coffee, And thanks to God I am now accompanied by national and international tasters and baristas, in the taste of this excellent coffee since my farm has been awarded and my coffee has been recognized nationally and internationally today by the finest, most selective and delicate palates of El Salvador and of the entire world.

History of the farm:

My farm is called Santa Fe and is located in the codillera Allotepec, La Palma, Chalatenango.

The good taste for coffee made me make this farm that is why I named it Santa Fe, because I had not been given the opportunity and thanks to my husband I was able to achieve it.

My farm has too much height, so it has been difficult for the plants to grow and develop, because it has a lot of cloud and is cold, and is located at an altitude of 1850 MSNM, which is a factor in the quality of coffee, coffee is delicately selected, to obtain the best attributes and flavors in coffee, and you just enjoy it, because it is a pleasure for me to share this DELIGHT WITH YOU.

And I thank God and the developers of the Cup of Excellence contest for this opportunity that is given to us to make known the coffee of El Salvador, and for the recognition acquired in the company of the Salvadoran Coffee Council, and national and international institutions that have collaborated with these awards, and I congratulate the other producers and invite more coffee growers to do it since many can achieve it.

First time participating in COE

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Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Santa Fe
  • Farmer
    Edith Aracely Rodriguez De Pineda
  • Altitude
    1850 MSNM
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    Transparent, Sweet, Sugar cane, Milkchocolate Balanced, Clean and smooth, well balancedCreamy, Chocolate, Sweet-, Bright, Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus, orange, DelicateCitrus, good balance, thick body, brown sugar
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Brown sugar,orange,Butter caramel, red berries, chocolate, Stonefruits, milk chocolate, caramel, peach, floral,grapefruit, citrus, floral, orange, peach, sugarcane, green apple, citrus, Rose, peach, Grape, almond, cacao, strawberry, floral Nectarine, apricot,cranberry, Lemon, peach, caramel, molasses, Orange blossom, honey, tea, white peach,Green apples
  • Acidity
    citric, malic, clear, complex, refined, bright, crisp, Delicate citrus, stone citric, sweet lemons

Alotepec-Metapan, El Salvador


Cup of Excellence