Upon the equator line, at 2100 masl, a few miles north of Quito, in the middle of an highland desert, a dream came true 9 years ago as we succeed in creating a megadiverse forest to give shelter to some selected varieties of coffee. Our brand, Terrazas del Pisque, is now renown around the world for the special flavors which can be found in our genuine micro and nano lots (we are exporting to USA, Europe and Asia). Our matrix allows us to offer more than 35 different kinds of coffees crossing 7 varieties by 5 processes. We selected a lot of anaerobic honey Typica Mejorado for the COE contest and are very proud to offer it through the auction. We are growing coffee following agroecological and syntropic concepts leaving nature doing its job (regenerative agriculture). We humbly observe how all the species we planted help themselves in an holistic and synergetic way to be every single day more resilient. That means we are using less and less inputs; the created ecosystem is now working on its own. That’s the result of very hard work of our flavors crafters dream team (all members of this team are involved in that project from the very beginning; there’s no turnover at Terrazas del Pisque). Don’t trust certifications or labels but come and visit us to watch by yourself and understand better what we are aiming to. Nature resilience is so amazing.

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Sierra Cantón Santo Domingo - Provincia de Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, 2301, Ecuador