The farm El Granjero in its beginnings was acquired for the raising of pigs and livestock, in view of the lack of profitability, the farm was destined for the planting and cultivation of coffee, approximately 16 years ago, taking advantage of the climate and the soil that the place offers us, with the passage of time the varieties of coffee have been improved, with the planting of fruit trees and aid received by the provincial government of Loja, seeking to obtain a great production and quality of coffee.

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    El Granjero
  • Farmer
    Miguel Enrique Sánchez Cevallos
  • Altitude
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    Bourbon & Typica Mejorado
  • Overall
    Almond, Black Tea, Cream, Lively and bright and sweet, Short finish
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Brown Sugar (3), Caramel (2), Dark Chocolate (2), Jasmine Honeysuckle (2), Roasted Hazelnut (2), Stone Fruit (2), Almond, Bittersweet Chocolate, Black Currant, Black Tea, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Citrus Fruit, Cookies, Green Tea, Honeydew, Lime, Milk Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Pear, Raisin, Roasted Almond, Sour Apple, Sweet Bread Pastry, Sweet-herb, Tangerine, Vanilla
  • Acidity
    Citric Acid (2), Green Apple, Lemon, Malic Acid, Mandarin Orange, Passion Fruit, Plum

Calvas, Loja, Ecuador


Cup of Excellence