Location: Belén Village, Santa Rosa de Lima, Santa Rosa, Guatemala.
Variety: Pacamara.
Process: Anaerobic Natural. Dried in raised beds for 32 days.
Total area: 40 Hectares. Coffee plantation area: 18 Hectares.
Lot size: 17 quintals.
Altitude: 4920-5740 feet above sea level.
National Winner 2021
Productive unit history:
Located in the southeast region of Guatemala, 20 miles from Guatemala City, La Bugambilia farm comprises 40 hectares, 18 of which are destined for coffee production under the agroforestry system. The rest, has a forest reserve with native trees species such as oaks, pines, and cypress.

Guillermo and Willy Juárez, the third and fourth generation of the Juárez family, currently manage the farm.

We named it La Bugambilia in honor of a tree with over 50 years of history and tremendous value, which is planted where the farmhouse was situated originally.

It was thanks to the interest of our customers, who wanted more coffee than we were producing, that 7 years ago we took on the challenge and opportunity of expanding our production capacity. We established La Bugambilia with the goal of producing specialty coffees of the highest quality; for this purpose, we selected different varieties such as Pacamara, Yellow Bourbon, Pache, Pacas, and Geisha.

Maintaining biodiversity and protecting the forest and soil is one of our major goals, and we do so by employing methods of coffee production that are friendly with the environment and ecosystem.

About our process:

For the past three years, we have been working with natural processes through anaerobic and aerobic methods. Learning about the microbiota naturally found in our environment such as fungus, yeast, and bacteria to enhance our coffee’s fermentation activity.
The result?
Amazing and surprising exotic flavors!

One of our goals for La Bugambilia is to increase our installed capacity to produce natural coffees with the purpose of reducing the use of water to its minimum.

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Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    La Bugambilia
  • Farmer
    Guillermo Antonio Juarez Solares
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    Peach, Cloves, Dark Chocolate, Floral, Orange, Peach, Bright, Citrus, Grapes, Green Apple, Tangerine, Full, Hearty, Caramel, Cinnamon, Floral, Jamaica Rose, Honey, Orange Red wine, Tangerine, White wine, Clean, Transparent, Well balanced, Juicy, Complex, Almond, Black tea, Green tea, Berries, Buttery, Mango, Kiwi, Almond, Malt, Blueberry

Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, Guatemala


Cup of Excellence