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Experience one of the world´s finest coffees directly from origin. LAS NUBES SHB COFFEE is shade grown in volcanic soils, hand selected, and carefully processed at each step along the way to your cup. In 1875, eadweard Muybridge immortalized the coffee estate of Las Nubes in a series of evocative photographs. La Nubes estate was founded by William Nelson (USA 1816-1878), famed for his stamina and vision as commercial agent of the Panama Railroad Company, which crossed the isthmus. For over a century, Las Nubes has been meticulously managed by families who have helped forge the tradition of fine coffees in Guatemala .

Other Statistics:

Annual Production: 5,000 bags
Soil type: Franc / Sand
Annual precipitation: 4,000 mm
Shade Trees Species: Inga
Beginning of Harvest: November
End of Harvest: February
Relative Humidity: 85%

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    Las Nubes
  • Farmer
    Fabio Alfredo Solis Sanabria
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, Guatemala