Histroy Mr. Claudio Carneiro Pinto bought the farm from Mr. Joaquim Pereira de Souza in 1988. It was totally formed by pastures. In 1990, he began planting coffee and the last coffee trees were planted in 1994. In addition to coffee, the farm has fruit orchards and grows vegetables. Fish farming is another on-going activity of the farm.

Coffee processing system

The coffee beans are washed and pulped on the same day they are harvested. Subsequently, they are placed on a cemented terrace where they are spread out in 2 to 3 cm thickness layers and are turned over many times a day, until the beans reach their ideal humidity level. Concern with quality Quality is continuously sought at the farm, from the selective harvesting until the end of the processing phase. Coffee produced in the farm have certifications, and the owner takes part in associations and cooperatives, and is always technically supervised by COCARIVE, of Carmo de Minas, State of Minas Gerais.

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    Sitio Grota São Pedro
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    Cláudio Carneiro Pinto
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Carmo de Minas, Brazil Pulped Naturals