Pacamaral farm was bought by Eduardo Francisco in 1984; however his coffee tradition started more than 100 years ago with his grandfather, Apolinario Magaña, in the highlands of Apaneca’s beautiful mountains. Eduardo’s journey of breeding Pacamara was not easy. He said: “When our Pacamara needed to start being processed at the end of the 1980’s, I encountered some problems due to its larger bean size and the need to be processed and depulped separately. In the beginning, quantities were limited, so the mills were reluctant to accept the coffee”.

In 1990, “Sociedad Cooperativa Ahuasanta” from Ahuachapán signed a contract with Don Eduardo to process all of his Pacamara. Before this time, Eduardo Francisco processed his coffee at the “Cooperativa Los Ausoles” in Ahuachapán. In order to participate in the Cup of Excellence program, all the cherry pickers were gathered together and instructed on the necessity to harvest only perfectly ripe beans. Who would imagine that many years after, this varietal became one of the most esteemed by specialty coffee buyers and that other countries were introducing this varietal developed by Salvadoran genetists to their coffee farms with excellent results.

Eduardo recognized his great position within one of the best coffee growing areas in El Salvador and acknowledged how the specialty coffee experts exigencies were increasing many years ago, and that was the reason to start growing Pacamara, since he saw by that time on this varietal great conditions such as tall height, medium size internodes, good foliage conditions, excellent bean size, but above all, he found amazing flavors, aromas and acidities.

Among Eduardo’s support to community is an enormous water tank that brings this essential liquid to the people of the small village of San Juan de Dios. The Magaña family believes that their activity as coffee producers has, by tradition, been tied to the humanitarian aid for their surrounding communities.

Additional information:

Location: Cantón Taltapanca, Apaneca.
Agricultural Practices: Conventional
Average Annual Precipitation: 2,800 mm
Average Temperature: 23ºC
Type of Soil: Loam
Type of Shade: Mainly Ingas Sp. and copalchí.
Annual Production: (60kg bags) 800 bags
Mill where lot was processed: Beneficio Los Ausoles, Coop. de Cafetaleros Los Ausoles.

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 13° 50' 39.58" N
Longitude: 89° 46' 29.75" W



Farm Information
  • Farm Name
  • Farmer
    Eduardo Francisco de Jesús Castro Magaña
  • Altitude
    1420 masl
  • Farm Size
    35 hectares
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Apaneca, Ahuachapán, El Salvador