Mr Caballero belongs to the third generation of coffee growers in his family, is 28 years old and father of two children. He was introduced to the knowledge of Coffee production and processing at the age of 7 years and since then he has developed an special technique for farming high quality coffee. Quality Practices The coffee is processed under traditional methods using his own miller, it is dry using mesh and a cement platform located in the farm.

Environmental Care

To protect the environment Fabio has a his Coffee is shade grown and the environmental care is an important topic in order t comply with the National Park Sierra de Agalta in which his farm is located. Fertilization Fertilization is done with bio-fertilizer coming from the Coffee pulp Disease and Pest Control Cultural practices and artisan traps for the coffee berry borer ( Hypothenemus hampei ) are done. Harvesting Handpicking of ripe grains of Coffee begins in November and finish in March. This task is performed by skillful men and woman. Pulping and Fermentation He has his own pulping machine and fermentation tanks with classification canals for best separation of coffee types. Drying The drying of Coffee is done over cement platforms by using the sunlight.

Other Statistics:

Annual Production: N/A
Soil type: Silty clay
Annual precipitation: 1,450 mm
Shade Trees Species: Guama, Guajiniquel and Musaceas
Water Source: Natural water sources from the farm
Number of Permanent Employees: 2
Number of Temporary Employees: 20 - 30

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    El Pedernal
  • Farmer
    Favio Antonio Caballero Garcia Lote # 1
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Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
    Wet Process
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San Jose, Honduras