Our family has been devoted to the cultivation of coffee for generations. Everything began with my grandparents who began the cultivation of the coffee with some plants and I grew this way among you hoist of coffee. From very early they taught me as sowing, to pay, to take care and to gather the coffee so this was an essential part of my growth and of my education when it was small and now it has become a way of life and passion. The dedication and the acquired knowledge have transmitted them to the new generations. In a beginning we cultivate varieties like Bourbón and Typical until arriving to the variety that we use now that the catuai. Quality Practices He wet mill the coffee using the traditional method. He does cultural practices for weed control, insects control (left over fruits harvest), artisan traps and also pruning for weave renovation. His wet mill has a classification canal in which he separates the first and second quality coffee. The drying process take place on a cement platform and when ready the final grain is packed in new nylon bags and storage adequately.

Environmental Care

All this coffee is shade grown with species like guama, pepeto and banana he uses artisan traps for pest control. Fertilization Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium are the most used fertilizers in this farm  Disease and Pest Control Cultural practices and artisan traps for the coffee berry borer ( Hypothenemus hampei ) are done.  Harvesting Handpicking of ripe grains of Coffee begins in November and finish in March. This task is performed by skillful men and woman. Pulping and Fermentation He has his own pulping machine and fermentation tanks with classification canals for best separation of coffee types. Drying Very clean cement platform and mesh table

Other Statistics:

Annual Production: 400 bags
Soil type: Frank sanded loamy 
Annual precipitation: 1,450 mm
Shade Trees Species: Guama, Liquidambar, roble
Water Source: Natural water sources from the farm
Number of Permanent Employees: 2
Number of Temporary Employees: 30 - 60

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    Randolfo Sorto Bautista
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    Wet Process
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Marcala, Honduras