Gilberto has been growing coffee since 28 years ago. He is father of a big and nice family of 6 children, his wife support him in many activities of the farm. Two sons are at high school, two more in university and the last two are still at the elementary school. Gilberto is an active member of the cooperative COCATEL, which operates in Cucuyagua Copan. Quality Practices Mr. Alvarado is very careful during the whole coffee production chain. He makes sure just the ripe fruits are picked by doing a grain checking after the harvest.
The pulping process is done dry and the washing in fermentation tanks. After the coffee is passed through the selection canal in which high, medium and low quality grains are classified. The dry process is done by distributing the coffee over, cement platforms so each grain would receive the right amount of sunlight to reach the adequate humidity needed for obtaining a good coffee. Storage conditions are optimal, temperature is constantly monitored to and the packing bags are new and made of nylon.

Environmental Care

This Coffee is shade grown and the water coming from the wet mill is treated to reduce pollution on the soils and water bodies. Produces bio-fertilizer by using Californian earthworm (Eisenia foetida ). Fertilization Bio-fertilizers produced in the same farm are used. When necessary supplements of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are applied. Disease and Pest Control Cultural practices and biological control when necessary Harvesting Handpicking of ripe grains of Coffee begins in January and finish in June. This task is performed by skillful men and woman. Pulping and Fermentation Mr. Alvarado has his own pulping machine and three fermentation tanks with classification canals for best separation of coffee types. Drying Mr Alvarado dry his Coffee over cement platforms located in his farm.

Other Statistics:

Annual Production: 316 bags
Soil type: Clay Silt
Annual precipitation: 2,050 mm
Shade Trees Species: Guama, Liquidambar, Pine, Laurel, Guajiniquel and Musaceas
Water Source: Two Natural water sources from the farm
Number of Permanent Employees: 6
Number of Temporary Employees: 20 - 50

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    La Granadilla
  • Farmer
    Gilberto Alvarado Alvarado
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Lot Information
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  • Processing System
    Wet Process
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San Pedro, Honduras