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San Jorge is located in the Tecomates town, 37 K away from Guatemala City, going to the Pacific side, and 7 K away from Palencia Municipality, in Guatemala Department. You can access the farm also by San Jose Pinula road and Santa Lucia Los Ocotes. It is located at 1,430 meters above sea level. Since 1954, it has been a family property. Simeon Lemus bought the land in order to grow beans and corn. The original size of the farm was 17.5 Hectares. He died in 1978 and his older brother took over the farm, for the following for decades. Now, Tulio Lemus Pineda is responsible of the land. Since the wood of the trees was very desired, they decided to use the forest and to cultivate coffee in order to take advantage of the trees. That is how they started in the coffee business. They also cultivate ornamental flowers and blueberries. In 1999, they began to build their own patios to dry coffee and they also thought of building their own beneficio. All of this was available until 2005. All the coffee crop, before this year, was sold to the middelmen in cherry. Nowadays, and thanks to Anacafe´s wet milling training workshops, we are surprised and proud to have produced one of the winning coffee lots being sold in Cup of Excellence 2006 Internet Auction.

Other Statistics:

Annual Production: Not Available
Soil type: Franc / Clay
Annual precipitation: 1,600 mm
Shade Trees Species: Inga
Beginning of Harvest: December
End of Harvest: March
Relative Humidity: 60%

Farm Information
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    San Jorge
  • Farmer
    Lemus Pineda, Tulio
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    Not Available
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Palencia, Guatemala