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Located in Guatemala City La Labor state farm is one of the few ecosystems in the city. It is surrounded by urban life, shade trees, a variety of birds and small wild life. La Labor consists of 70 hectares dedicated to coffee production. The soil is claylike and with traces of volcanic sand. The particular microclimate that exists in the region affords a very special flex in temperatures from a high of 28c at noon to a low of 10c in the evening. The production of coffee is conventional; respecting the ecosystem and conservation of soil and shade trees. The most advanced technological wet mill process is used, avoiding any water contamination. The coffee produced at La Labor enjoys status as a preferential coffee producer for Starbucks. This gourmet coffee is world renowned and is exported to the most prestigious coffee roasters in the world; to countries such as the United States, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Japan, amongst others. The Montenegro family has dedicated itself with passion to a tradition of producing an exceptionally high quality of coffee for the last 70 years. La Labor was purchased 120 years ago and has since been a true labor of love and hard work, resulting in a coffee that is appreciated as one of the finest coffees in the world. Today La Labor is work by the 3rd generation of the Montenegros family.

Other Statistics:

Annual Production: 1,200 bags
Soil type: Franc
Annual precipitation: 1,500 mm
Shade Trees Species: Inga y Gravilea
Beginning of Harvest: April
End of Harvest: December
Relative Humidity: 75%

Farm Information
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    La Labor Y Anexo
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    Empresa Rancho Dulce, S. A.
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    Milling process Wet Drying Process Sun
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Guatemala, Guatemala