My name is Mario Jose Vilchez, I am 34 years old, married and father of 2 children. My Farm La Santisima is located in Mozonte Nueva Segovia, I have this property since 10 years ago, thanks to my uncle Vicente Vilchez, who rest in peace ,he motivated me to buy these land being argued that this zone is the best one to produce quality coffee. Without a doubt, these are very good land since they have excellent height, good climate, forests in the environment and abundant natural water that allows me to obtain the quality of the coffee. In winter time the roads are very difficult and is quite complicated the access to the farm, nevertheless we have delivered much attack to give a good handling to the farm and the coffee in all its process. I consider that to maintain the quality is very important the selection of the coffee, the abundant water use in the wet mill process of the coffee and my presence in the farm all the time. I am very interests to continue working in the quality of coffee because I know that this will bring greater benefits to the farm, my family and the workers. I am sure of the quality of my coffee for that reason I am motivated to continue participating in the Cup of Excellence, and now that I am working with CISA Exportadora, my coffee is being sold to buyers in the United States, who will came to visit my farm very soon . I see the opportunity to sell my coffee a better price to improve the conditions of my farm and to continue working in the coffee quality.

Farm Information
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    La Santisima
  • Farmer
    Mario Vilchez Urbina
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  • Processing System
    Washed sun dried
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Mozonte, Nicaragua