Santa Ana Y Anexos In Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, within the Department of Santa Rosa, perfectly located between two volcanoes the Tecuamburro and Pacaya, and abreast the La Gavia mountain, Finca Santa Ana is beautifully found. Rising to an altitude of 1770 meters (5400 psnm) it is immersed in a damp, wet tropical forest belonging to the Fraijanes Plateau Region. Finca Santa Ana holds within its boundaries a coffee plantation that covers 80 hectares of fertile soil, all belonging to the descendants of Don Lizandro, a landowner and coffee grower since the eighteenth century. Don Lizandro inherited not only the tradition of cultivating coffee, but also the family technique of conserving coffee in its entire natural harmony, maintaining and preserving rivers, forests and mountains, confirming the ecological mission we still have today. The balance between flora and fauna has been achieved by using the Gravilea, Cuje and Chalun tress that provide the coffee plantation a completely natural shade. Likewise, the use of symmetrically outlined curves, all drawn at the same height, prevents erosion of the mountainous terrain which is product of a mixture of virgin soil and volcanic dust. Alongside each generation, the coffee has also matured and achieved International Quality Standards becoming what we know today as the name brand Santa Ana. The combination of its altitude, rain, water, “beneficiado” (processing method) and varieties (Bourbón, catuai and pache) classify the coffee’s bean as strictly hard. The expert and skilled hands of the campesinos that work in Finca Santa Ana, are able to pick the coffee bean with the tenderness of a child and the precision of an eagle, without damaging the coffee plant for future reaps. The process of stripping the plantation of its pulp and being dried by the sun on the patio floor is carefully supervised. Finally the bean becomes oro verde (green gold) where its taste, aroma and richness makes Santa Ana the name brand that goes beyond the Guatemala n borders sharing its excellent quality. Hector De La Roca Perez was also a previous winner in the 2006 Cup of Excellence competition.

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Santa Ana Y Anexos
  • Farmer
    Servicios Polasek Alzamora Diaz M. S A
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
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  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
    Milling Process Wet Drying Process Sun
  • Variety
    Pache Bourbón
  • Overall

Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Guatemala