Luis Alberto Vasquez Cooperative Teofilo Cesar Torrez, President of the Administration Board tells us: “This is a cooperative that holds 65 partners, 35 are women and 30 are men. The cooperative is always alert of the partners´ needs. They have bought transportation and an administrative office has been settled over Don Mario Torrez’s house. Don Mario explains: “We take advantage of the prices quoted to the coffee of our partners. This has helped us to buy organic manure, inputs and tools that we use collectively. For entertainment we have contracted Direct TV allowing the kids to watch TV and even a Play station…” “Proodecop, a local organization, has helped us to have access to fair trade and the fact that we have won an award in the “cup of excellence”… we feel that we have been saved by the bell, since now we may get better prices for our coffee” This will raise the profile of product that are produce in cooperatives as well as the recognition of our coffee.

Farm Information
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    Cooperativa Luis Alberto Vasquez
  • Farmer
    Prodecoorp R.L
  • Altitude
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Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
    Washed sun dried
  • Variety
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Madriz, Nicaragua