San Guayaba Finca San Guayaba is located in Palencia municipality, in Guatemala department, at 65 Km away from Guatemala City. Hacienda San Guayaba belongs to the family since 1905, but until 1985 we started planting coffee. Before, we used to have cattle, different agricultural products and native trees, which remain as a natural reserve. Now, Juan de la Cerda Colom and his son Juan Diego are responsible for managing the farm. One of the reasons why coffee cultivated in Hacienda San Guayaba is very special is due to the natural bio diversity of this place, with native trees as shade for coffee plants that help protect our environment. We have prevented coffee from plagues and other problems that affect coffee plantations like freeze or excessive winds. Our biggest satisfaction is the training of our employees, who have learned to cultivate excellent quality coffee without harming the environment. We aim to continue producing one of the best quality crops in Guatemala , building long term relationships with our buyers, with premium prices that allow us independence of the traditional coffee market and its volatile prices. Thanks to programs like Cup of Excellence, many coffee producers can receive better prices and build these relationships with buyers of exemplary coffee.


Average temperature C: 23
Annual rainfall mm: 1300
Type of oil and predominant element: Loamy-Sand (Loamy: balance of clay, sand and limestone)
Relative humidity %: 80
Type of shade trees: Non traditional
Beginning of harvest: January
End of harvest: May


Mills in the farm: Wet mill
Drying method: Sun
Annual production (69 K): 200
Temporary Employees: 40
Permanent Employees: 10

Certifications or awards:

1 auction award 2008, Coffee Practices, Rainforest Alliance

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    San Guayaba
  • Farmer
    Cercol, S. A.
  • Altitude
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Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
    Sun Wet Process
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Palencia, Guatemala