Los Agapantos Reina Mercedes Castaneda, whose grandfather born in Germany, Max Drawert, who introduced coffee to Marcala, La Paz , Honduras , many years ago. She has displayed a great passion for growing coffee since she was very young. Actually, she is married to Rafael de Jesus Chinchilla. She has inspired him to grow coffee on a small piece of land located in the touristic town of Valle de Angeles, where the best crafts of the country are sold, located only 22 kilometers away from Tegucigalpa , the capital of Honduras . With the objective to grow the best coffee, he brought a native family from the Lenca Tribe, from a village called Yarula, La Paz Honduras , with the intention of having them care for the farm and the coffee plantation. This Lenca family has perfectioned the technique and skills of coffee plantation for generations working with the Drawert family in the Planes of Marcala. With the aid of his wife and the administrator named Carlos (Lenca family head shown above), Rafael Chinchilla has been learning about the proper care of coffee plantation since 1999, and his main objective is to treat each single coffee plant with the greatest care and harmony with the environment, in order to improve his coffees quality reflected in the results of the current Cup of Excellence Award Coffee competition. Even though, this is the first time, he has participated in the “Cup of Excellence”.

Farm Information
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    Rafael de Jesús Chinchilla Chinchilla
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  • Processing System
    Sun Wet Process
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Valle de Angeles, Honduras