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El Porvenir” Estate, Las Manos El Porvernir Estate is located very close to the northern border of the country. Part of the farm was inherited from my father who taught me ropes on how to be a good “Cafetalero”, the other part was acquired through my own efforts, now my own children are getting into the coffee business as well. From December to march the coffee is collected manually. Natural shade is provided by different trees such as guava roja y negra, bucaro, naranjo, jocote and others. “Despite his age, Manuel is very active in the furrows and he never gets sick” says Francisca, while she cleans an amount of coffee which is ready to be roasted. “I am always with my boots on” says immediately Don Manuel, while he proudly shows the coffee plantation, which has giving him many satisfactions.
Number of employees in farm: 4 permanent 15-25 temporary during harvesting
Altitude: 1330 above sea level

Farm Information
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    El Porvenir
  • Farmer
    Manuel Gonzalez Ponce
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  • Year
  • Processing System
    Sun Dried
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Macuelizo, Nicaragua