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Cerro del Cielo” – Mozonte, Nueva Segovia I began to work the land a month after Hurricane Mitch in 1999 with the guidance and support of my uncle Vicente Vilchez may he rest in peace now. When I began there was no road, and had no transportation, I had to travel to the farm on foot. I then became partners with my best friend and we managed to make it work, with great effort and dedication. My father has dedicated all his life to working with cattle I on the other hand have discovered that coffee is my passion. My farm is located in the mountains of Mozonte, a privileged area, known as one of the best areas for growing coffee due to its environment characteristics and high altitude. We do not use any modern technology for our production all is traditional. After the crop, we make a great deal of organic fertilizer mixed with cow manure and coffee pulp. The trees that provide shade to our coffee plants are: guava, guaniquil, banana, bucaro, avocado, orange and jocote. We cut our crop at the beginning of the month of February and only cut the red bean. The water we use to clean the coffee is water from a well of crystal clear water. In being careful with the environment we preserve our trees, avoid forest fire, we put signs to protect the fauna and recycle garbage.
Number of employees in farm: 18 permanent 60 temporary during harvesting
Altitude: 1460 to 1600 above sea level

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    Cerro del Cielo
  • Farmer
    Mauricio Esteban Vilchez Urbina
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    Presidential Award
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    Sun Dried
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Los Arados Mozonte, Nicaragua