Alfredo Baos Joaqui is native of the municipality of San Sebastian, department of Cauca he was born on the 1st of January of 1966. He got to the municipality of Palestina – Huila in 1987 to work as a day laborer in the farm of Mr. Graciliano Martinez, where after three years he started working there rented part of the land and making profit from that to him and to the owner. In 1990 he organized his home with Mrs. Elcira Holes Holes, and now they have two children: Luis Alfredo a 19 years old and Maria Fernanda 18 years old. In 2002 he managed to consolidate his coffee farm becoming the owner of the farm San Isidro in the village of Sinai. Through the coffee he could obtain what he has in life, also he could give the studies to his children and coffee is for him the motor of development in his region. San Isidro farm´s is located to the south of the municipality of Palestine, with 9.8 hectares, 8 dedicates to coffee, in association with other products such as banana, yucca, sugar cane, citrus, among others. Its topography is characterized to display moderate slopes that go from an altitude f of 1585 meters to 1780 meters through which coffee is cultivated along with shade species Guamo and Nogal Cafetero. Mr. Alfredo, looks for a development of a production in harmony with the environment under the concept of the Good Agricultural Practices, and in order to get this done he establish a system of treatment for waste waters at the facilities for the coffee benefit; he also has a zone of conservation of a springs that supplies the consumption of the property, he is doing also a treatment for the solid residues that they generate at the house, and the control of plagues and diseases he tries to do it with a minimum use of pesticides and chemical products.

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    San Isidro
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    Alfredo Baos Joaqui
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Palestina, Huila, Colombia