I am Wilfredo Ule Vargas; I was born in Oporapa – Huila on the 21st of August of 1977. For long time I was living in the urban area of my municipality, I am being a coffee producer for 10 years due to the lessons of my parents; I began with 1500 coffee trees; since that I am completely dedicated to the field and the coffee culture, at this moment I have 5,5 hectares form whom 3,5 hectares are cultivated in coffee and two are forest reserve I have tried to handle them as well as possible and technically, because my dream has being to work with quality. I am married to Yubelli Trujillo, and I have two children Juan Camilo and Juan de Jesus. In my farm “Alcatrax” we work very carefully for the environment, under the concept of sustainable coffee based in good agricultural practices; for those I have constructed filters for the handling of lixiviate liquids from the coffee process, the management of waste waters from the house and seedtime of trees close to the rivers that pass through the farm; we recycle trash, protect the fauna and biodiversity, and also we have some signals that aloud to protect the environment and to be fare un economic terms with the workers. To produce an excellent quality coffee I do a right recollection of ripe cherries in time, I process in hygienic conditions, and the drying process is done under the right temperatures in an ideal place also for storage and transportation of the final product which guarantee the good quality in the cup and differentiation form other coffees.

Farm Information
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  • Farmer
    Wilfredo Ule Vargas
  • Altitude
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Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
    Washed Coffee
  • Variety
    92% Caturra Castillo 8%
  • Overall

Oporapa, Colombia North