The Finca is located on the road Huatusco-Xalapa in Axocuapan community that leads to the gully called Cañada Fria, from where the finca takes its name.  We bought the finca 14 years ago; this land was virgin, covered with native plant and trees that didn’t allow to plant coffee trees. Due to the climate change, the ecosystem changed and we were able, not without difficulties, to begin with the coffee production. The first plants were brought with donkeys and then we selected the best spots for plant the trees in this excellent dark soil. We had to work also in other jobs for support this project. For three years we didn’t have any coffee and we wanted to give up and sell the finca. But we begin to love the area and the results and we keep going, improving and enjoying. We had many disappointments when selling the coffee, the buyers used to tell us that the coffee was not good but we are stubborn and we believed that our coffee was better than they said. One day we took a barista training and we had the opportunity to know some cuppers that had become our friends. They cupped our coffee for free and told us that our coffee is of excellent qualities. For 2012 we were participating in Cup of Excellence and due to this we are not anymore anonyms and we can receive acknowledgement for what we do. FB fan page

I feel very satisfied and happy to know that my crazy dreams are becoming a reality.

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Cañada Fria
  • Farmer
    Jose Daniel Cobilt Castro
  • Altitude
    1450 masl
  • Farm Size
    12.5 ha
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    40% Typica 10 % Bourbón 20% pacamara 10% Caturra 10% Yellow Caturra 10% Colombia
  • Overall
    Rich moth feel, creamy, juicy
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Sweet floral, mango, currant, lemon grass, cinnamon, chocolate, fruit cake, pineapple, spicy
  • Acidity
    Complex, delicate lemon, citric

Huatusco, Mexico