Finca El Suspiro is property of the family Zapata Ronzón since 1985 and we have had a great evolution in adding value to its coffees. It is located in Pacho Viejo, in Coatepec municipality in Veracruz. Artemio Zapata was looking for alternatives during the coffee crisis for make more profit of the activity that was the livelihood of the entire family and also his passion, he didn’t wanted to transform the coffee plantation into a cane land as many other growers were moving. This was the breaking point for moving from only sell cherry to add value by depulping, fermenting and doing all the process until develop the brand of roasted coffee “El Suspiro del Catador” (The cupper desire). For ten years, he sold roasted coffee in a comal (clay plate) in a very rustic way. But it was in 2002 that  he joined to a small growers association PROCAFE, that helped  us to get trained in all the different steps of the coffee processing.The soils of the finca are volcanic and rich in nutrients with a lot of organic substrate, that are perfect for the coffee plantations. That and the subtropical climate make my coffee profile very special.The feedback of the coffee cuppers were very important for understanding the Specialty coffee market. We participated in several quality contests and in 2012, in the first Cup of Excellence I won the first place and during the auction the prices raised unimaginable numbers.


Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    El Suspiro
  • Farmer
    Isabel Ronzon Sanchez
  • Altitude
    1200 masl
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    Typica Mundo Novo Bourbón
  • Overall
    amaretto aftertaste, long sweet aftertaste, silky
  • Aroma / Flavor
    raspberry, floral, cherries crisp rose water green apple, apricot, passion fruit, tomato
  • Acidity
    tartaric, bright, lively

Pacho Viejo, Coatepec, Mexico