LOT# 18

Farm: La Rinconada

Farmer: Luis Orlando Torres Valle

Farm’s name and location:

La Rinconada farm is located in Los Planes del Horno community in the municipality of Comayagua, Department of Comayagua. It has an altitude of 1670 meters above sea level.

What is your farm’s history? Is your farm a family unit? How long has it belonged to your family? How many members make up your family?

My farm history comes from my dad, it has been a legacy. He was a coffee producer so then I decided to become one too so I could provide to my family. I started with the farm back in 2009 in Francisco Morazan. I later acquire some land in Los Planes, which where my farm currently is. I live with my wife and 4 daughters.

How many persons work in your farm, family members, permanent employees and temporary employees?

During the harvest season I contract 30 families to work in the picking, milling, drying and selecting activities. Three families live in the farm permanently and gave then houses and the opportunity to produce other products.

What natural resources conservation practices do you follow in the farm?

The pulp is decomposed and then applied in the plantation as organic fertilizer.

What is the shade percentage and the varieties found in your farm?

We keep 15% of shade in the plantation, due to the height is not recommended to have more shade.

What type of fertilization process and rust control do you use in your farm?

We make the fertilization twice by year, following the technical recommendations of IHCAFE technicians. We use a mix of macronutrients formula and a source of nitrogen; also we make an organic fertilization with the pulp. Because we had the well nourished plantation and the height had no rust attack.

What type of management do you use in your farm (traditional, semi-technical, and technical?)

It is technical because we apply the complete technology package that give us IHCAFE.

Are you part of an association or cooperative?


What is the secret for winning this competition (describe the preparation process of the competing lot)?

There are four activities that we need to be careful to have a high quality coffee. First, just to pick ripe cherries, eliminate immature ones and any strange element. Second, wet milling must be the same day of the picking, using clean water is the key when you wash the coffee. Third, the drying process is very important to make as long as possible avoiding the high temperature hours to dry the coffee. Finally, get the proper moisture percentage to store the coffee and is important use GrainPro or nylon bags to protect the coffee.

How does it feel to be a winner of the Cup of Excellence?

Is my best successful as producer, I am happy to see that all the effort of the people that work with me and my own is rewarded and now the coffee world know what kind of coffee we can produce.

Who prepares your coffee for exportation? (Explain how you sell it and to whom)?

The last two year I have sold my coffee to international buyers, my coffee is prepared by CACTRIL.

What is your opinion of the Cup of Excellence?

I think is a best quality program of IHCAFE, really is a good opportunity to improve our practices and process to enter to international markets.  

What has been your experience in the Cup of Excellence?

I have participated in two competitions of the Cup of Excellence, and in my second attempt I got the first place.

The property’s characteristics:

The coffee’s characteristics in the Cup of Excellence:

Farm: La Rinconada

Farmer: Luis Orlando Torres Valle

Place: 18


Latitude 14°26'12.35"

Longitude  87°26'50.61"

Village: Los Planes del Horno

Municipality: Comayagua

Department:  Comayagua

Region: Comayagua

Country: Honduras

Farm size:  Hectares

Area for growing coffee:  Hectares

Amount of coffee produced annually: 125 qq green coffee.

Varieties in the farm: Catimor, Lempira

Altitude: 1670 meter above sea level

Certifications: No

Variety: Lempira

Processing System: Wet mill and sun dried

Lot size: 9.33 bags (69kg) approx. green coffee

Pounds: 1,400

Score from International Judges: 87.10

Cupping Number #: 115


Winning Bidder:

Top Jury Descriptions:

Aroma / Flavor:




Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    La Rinconada 2017
  • Farmer
    Luis Orlando Torres Valle
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    milk choc finish, lingering, syrupy
  • Aroma / Flavor
    citric orange, black berry panela, toffy, red apple
  • Acidity