Department: El Paraíso
Municipality: Teupasenti  Town: Los Chorritos
Total Farm Area: 8 manazas Area of the Farm with Coffee: 7.5 manzanas

Altitude (masl):__1,439____

Variety in the farm: Parainema ,Lempira, Ihcafe 90

Volumen de Producción Total Anual (qq Oro verde): 85 quintales green coffee

Farmer Information *
Name: Donulfo Midence
Age: 59
Cellphone: (504) 9512 – 9087

3rd Generation of Farmer

Family Information
Spouse Name: Argentina del Rosario Artica Edad : 47 años
Name of sons/daughters
Enna Migdalia Midence A. 23 años
Donayri Aldair Midence A. 20 años
Arely Midence Artica 18 años
Olman Midence Artica 14 años

Participating Lot Information
Lot Size (qq oro verde): 12.36 quintales green coffee
Altitude of the Farm: * 1439 masl

Variety of Coffee participating: Parainema
Type of Shade Trees: Guama and Musáceas, Guanijiquil
Harvest Period: Enero – Abril
Age of Farm: 5 years
Drying method: Solar dryers
Milling Process: Washed
Origin of Water Used on the Milling Process: Spring water

Other Important Information
Briefly describe how you started working with coffee:
I planted a manzana of Catuai, then the rust came and I lost it. Now, I planted rust-tolerant varieties.
What did you do to make the coffee participating be special?
Improving farm management practices in wet and dry processing
What have you done to improve the quality of your coffee?
Harvest: Only ripe cherry
Wet Milling: Good depulping and washing with clean water.
Dry Milling: Drying in solar dryer
Do you own milling equipment in your farm? Yes
Basic milling
How do you transport your coffee? Vehical
How do you normally commercialize your coffee? Wet parchment
Do you do any special activity to help preserve the soil in your farm? Live fences, and pulp irrigation

Have you participated in Cup of Excellence before? NO
Have you been part of an International Coffee Expo? NO
Do you have any previous experience on preparing micro-lots? NO
Do you periodically evaluate your coffee quality? NO

Have you ever done contracts with International Coffee buyers? NO

Was your farm affected by the Coffee Rust? YES
What activities do you to mitigate/control the fungus? Application of fungicides.
Do you have any other problems in your farm? Pests and borer berry
*Optional: Would you share with us what are your dreams/goals/objectives?
Work to preserve the quality of my coffee and have a permanent market.

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Los Chorritos
  • Farmer
    Donulfo Midence
  • Altitude
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    syrupy, fresh, improves as it cools
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Honey, caramel, apricot, blueberry, port wine
  • Acidity
    bright, crisp, citric, complex

Teupasenti, Honduras