Tagel Alemayehu Aferu from West Guji woreda, Bilida Bukisa kebele, Oromia hopes his result in the Cup of Excellence competition will bring attention for his quality coffee from buyers. Tagel joined the coffee business in 2004 as a coffee supplier.

Currently, he collects 288,000 kilograms of coffee from 412 hectares through an outgrower scheme, which he sells to buyers in North America, Japan, China, Korea, and Europe. He also produces coffee on his own 1-hectare plot.

In the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia competition, Tadel’s coffee scored 87.82 for 18th place. “I focus all my energy and effort to maintain quality,” Tagel said. “Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity that allowed coffee producers and suppliers to see the fruits of their effort. I always advise my outgrows that we have to maintain quality to take advantage of this kind of fair and reliable competition.”

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Tagel Alemayehu Aferu
  • Farmer
    Tagel Alemayehu Aferu
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    Raspberry jam, melon, dark chocolate more natural in character
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Brownie, clove, carob, vanilla, plum, red wine, cinnamon, blueberry, strawberry mango, blueberry full bodied, intense, dry fruits, brandy
  • Acidity
    Bright, citric, acetic

KEcha, Oromia, Ethiopia


Cup of Excellence