The Andrade family’s story of production of and love for coffee begins in 1901 with their ancestors’ arrival in Carmo do Paranaíba, in the Cerrado Mineiro region of the state of Minas Gerais. During the 1970s, the Andrade brothers, the third generation of the family, reestablished their coffee farms in the region.

Fazenda Paraíso is one of the oldest coffee farms in the region. The farm has well-defined seasons, an elevation of 1100 meters, and balanced rainfall and temperature. Nature does its work, and the brothers learned from their ancestors that the least they could do to repay the universe was to respect the environment, so they are always concerned about preserving nature.

The Andrade family’s consistent, high-quality work can be verified by its awards and international relevance. Specifically in the Cup of Excellence. Since 2016, the family has had 7 winning lots, including the champion lot in 2018.

Coffee processing system
Processing is natural. The coffee is picked at the perfect stage of maturation, with a maximum of 10% green coffee cherries. After harvesting, the coffee passes through the washer where floaters are separated from the ripe and unripe fruits by density. After this first separation, the ripe and green cherries pass through an electronic sorter, which selects only the ripe coffee cherries. These ripe fruits were then used in the aerobic fermentation process, in which the coffee was fermented for a period of 72 hours in brick tanks, in the presence of oxygen. After this, the coffee dried on African beds, spread in 5 cm think layers, providing slower drying, making a higher-quality and more uniform coffee possible.

Concern about quality
The farm is extremely concerned about quality. The producers carefully watch over every detail of production, until its final destination, the perfect cup. Care begins with production, harvest, post-harvest, warehousing and excessive quality control, where the sensory profile and traceability of each plot of the farm is analyzed. This is fundamental and has direct impact on the quality of the product, providing consumers with a high-quality, consistent product. The Andrade family always seeks to improve the quality of their coffees, frequently investing and seeking scientific knowledge to perfect their production processes.

Farm Information
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    Paraiso - Andrade Bros
  • Farmer
    Espolio de Maria do Carmo de Andrade
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Mineiros, Goiás, Brasil