Within the Municipality of Coatepec, Veracruz, is the town of La Laguna, a small community with a population of 1085 people without basic education. This region is part of the coffee belt that surrounds Coatepec and benefits from
diverse micro ecosystems in flora, fauna and soil richness, in which "anything grows
just by putting it in the ground.”The producer Héctor Hernández Mendez was born and has lived here 80 years last May. Don Héctor is part of the hundreds and thousands of small producers in the area who see coffee as their livelihood, and who refuse to exchange coffee for the cultivation of sugar cane or lemon because of the rise in its value and the climate change.
Don Héctor cultivates on his farm at an average altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level. The varietals that Mr. Hector cultivates are Costa Rica 95, Colombia and Bourbons, almost as a record of the social change and sowing that took place lived in the 20th century and that at the time left the Coatepec area in a place of worldwide recognition distant from the current one. Their cultivation practice is conventional; organic fertilizer from the same farm (dead leaves, fallen fruit), shade trees such as macadamia, chalahuite and orange (fruit of primary cultivation in the area prior to the rise of coffee), monitoring constant and a "God willing" when the harvest may be threatened by climatic conditions or the lack of economic or human resources.
The quality of the fruit produced by Don Héctor arrives at the Coffee School of "Escuela del Café de Tueste" and was processed as follows: Process: Washed
Ripe cherries are received that are floated to later go to containers of sealed plastic and are fermented anaerobically for 50 hours with monitoring of pH and temperature, not passing the pH values of 4 and 25ºC. The mucilage removal process A wash is carried out by Ecowasher de Penagos and later it goes through the washing channel and the use of centrifuge. Its drying process begins in the silo and continues in the guardiola without passing 30ºC. The storage of this grain is in GrainPro plastic bags.
This is how the work that began in the community of La Laguna with the help of Don Héctor and that continues with Tueste Café, to, together, have a cup of coffee of 87.25 pts in the Mexico 2022 Cup of Excellence contest. whatsapp +525544470158 HECTOR HERNANDEZ MENDEZ

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Fincas Innominada
  • Farmer
    Hector Hernandez Mendez
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    Bourbon & Costa Rica 95
  • Overall
    Thick body, goodgood balance, round, milk chocolate, brown sugar, grape
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Black Tea , Cacao Nibs , Caramel , Cherry , Dried Dates , Grape , Jasmine , Peach , Plum , Raspberry , Tropical Fruit , Vanilla , Blueberry, Brown Spice, Cantaloupe, Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Golden Raisin, Guava, Herb-like, Lemon & Lime, Lime, Lychee, Malic Acid, Marshmallow, Melon, Prune, Sugar cane juicy
  • Acidity
    Citric Acid , Malic Acid , Grape, Juicy, Soft, Tartaric

Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico


Cup of Excellence