Farm El Bordo is a property located in the town of Emiliano Zapata, municipality of Cosautlan de Carvajal.
At an approximate height of 1350 to 1380 meters above sea level, it is a preserved farm with the varietals Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Garnica and Mundo Novo. The trees that give shade to the coffee plantations are pine, orange, mango, genecuile, macadamia. My father inherited the El Bordo farm when I got married and now my husband and I work it." This year's coffee was applied to a better selection and the farm has been working in a better shade In its harvest. We harvest ripe coffee cherries and during the peak of the harvest. We took the vains and all strange matter.
In the mill we washed the cherry coffee and selected it by hand with the help of people. The coffee was washed, processed and placed in plastic bags to ferment it. It took 45 hours or so. Afterwards, it was washed very well and placed in water for 20 hours in clean plastic tubs. It was dried on african beds. whatsapp +522283584043 NIEVES ISABELMONTIEL VALENCIA

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Finca el Bordo
  • Farmer
    Nieves Isabel Montiel Valencia
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Typica, Garnica
  • Overall
    Pleasant acidity, Elegant, Structred Attributes
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Chocolate , Black Tea , Brown Spice , Caramel , Green Apple , Jasmine , Melon , Almond, Black Cherry, Butter, Cacao Nibs, Cherry, Cocoa, Dried Dates, Golden Raisin, Grapefruit, Maple Syrup, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Rose
  • Acidity
    Citric Acid , Malic Acid, Pleasant

Cosautlán de Carvajal, Veracruz, Mexico


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