History of the farm
Everything began in 1967, when Isidro Pereira, Luiz Paulo’s father, bought the estate. At the time, Luiz was studying in college to be an agricultural and livestock technician. Five years later, father and son joined forces to run the farm together. In 1974, through Luiz Paulo’s initiative, an expansion plan was undertaken at Fazenda IP. More and more coffee seedlings were planted, and the fields expanded by more than 500%. Decades later, Luiz Paulo bought his first pulper and began to study new processing methods for specialty coffees.
Better payment for better quality
A policy of bonus payment arose as motivation for everyone involved in post-harvest tasks when many cups scored above 80 points. However, a cut occurred when many serious defects, such as bad fermentations, appeared in the cup. In parallel, Luiz Paulo offers his workers guidance and clarification regarding the importance of quality processes in coffee cultivation.

Coffee processing system
The first step is selective harvesting and only the ripe fruits are picked. Then excess dirt and dust from the harvest process were removed. Finally, the lot was dried on African beds for a period of 24 days before being prepared and sent to the warehouse.

Concern about quality
Grupo Sertão has always been a pioneer in new coffee processing methods. It’s no different these days. Processing methods include natural, pulped natural, fermented (aerobic and anaerobic) and Honey. The fermented and Honey coffees are processed in the Fazenda IP wet mill. Fermentations are done in barrels (anaerobic) and tanks (aerobic). The Honey process requires the most work and great care. For this year, more than 2000 square meters of patio were prepared, and a new dryer and several mechanical dryers were installed for drying. For this, all collaborators who work on the farm are duly trained and involved in this process.

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Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Fazenda Do I.P.
  • Farmer
    Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira E Outros
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    Yellow Bourbon
  • Overall
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Chocolate, Plum, Strawberry, Apple, Bakers Chocolate, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cacao Nibs, Dark rum, Dried Fig, Grape, Lime, Mango, Muscovado Sugar, Peach, Prune, Raisin, Raspberry, Riped red grape, Rum, Sweet spice, Tropical Fruit, Vanilla
  • Acidity
    Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Complex, Dimentional, Effervescent, Tartaric

Carmo de Minas - MG, Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil