In 1883 Don Ramon Godoy started his passionate adventure in coffee, He purchased Tehuya Farm (composed of Tehuya, Santa Clara and El Balsamo in the promising valley of Acatenango. He had to travel almost a day by horse in order to get from Antigua to Acatenango, so he left every week to spend several days at the farm coming back to rest and enjoy his family and recharge for food and clothing. He oversaw the operation and brought different and new varieties to the area. He inherited his property to his son Jose Godoy, and later Jose inherited it to his daughter Mercedes, more than 139 years after, 4th generation Coffee Producers and sons of Mercedes: Alfredo and Miguel oversee the operation also innovating with new varieties and processes in order to get the most out of every lot in the farm, but even after all this time there is still several common factors in the coffee production including Passion for the best coffee, grow in harmony with the natural habitat, and recognizing the hard work of each and every one of the collaborators working in the farm. They have made it their mission to get the most out of every variety in order to offer the most complex flavors the area/variety/climate can offer so they can appeal to a wider group of roasters and coffee connoisseurs. We know that going directly to the Roaster and consumer is the best way to secure traceability and keep the best quality for a longer period and also make of Coffee producing a sustainable business by adapting faster to the always changing market and climate conditions. Hope you enjoy and fall in love with our coffee!

Farm Information
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    Tehuya Barrera Y A.
  • Farmer
    Agricola Industrial Santa Rosa S.A.
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    Caramel, Floral, Honey, Lemon, Peach, Sweet, Vanilla, Apple, Bright, Citrus, Grapes, Orange, Smooth, Creamy, Syrup, Structured Body, Caramel, Chocolate, Hibiscus Rose, Tangerine, Orange, Peach, Red Wine, White wine, Transparent, Well balanced, Complex, Almond, Macadamia, Pear, Black tea, Green tea, Berries.

Chimaltenango, Chimaltenango, Guatemala


Cup of Excellence