Since Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz established “Paraxaj” farm in 1904, Meneses Siblings have maintained this long path by keeping original values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. The Meneses siblings are now the fourth generation, administering and operating the farm from their “Santa Felisa” headquarters. These values have led them through the always-changing trends of the market.
Anabella, who is Agronomist, Ecologist & Q-Grader, have taken the task to bring farming to the next level, it means creating a concept of Precisely Agriculture at the farm, by analyzing every day the work done under the “Laws of Nature” and the needs of the Community; as it is the control of every single Lot that is Processed at the Farm. Anabella is researching since 2010 different methods to develop different Flavors during Fermentation and Drying Process, having great results that fit well with different Varieties.
At Paraxaj Farm, Meneses Siblings had planted during the last 15 years, different exotic varieties. Our 5th Place winner Lot, comes from Pacamara Plantation, at 5,120 fasl, planted in 2011. It was drifted with Robusta, then inoculated with Mycorrhizas; in order to up-take nutrients from the deepest level of the soil.
Healthy Cherries from this plantation were ripen slowly under 70 percent of shade; then, cherries were picked at 22 Brixes in order to have high percentage of sugars to transform them into Acids, some of them Lactic, by a Slow Dry method -on Raised African Beds- for 35 days.
Meneses siblings believes that Sustainability Practices, including Profitability, Social and Environmental issues, have Direct Results on an Exceptional Cup of Coffee and then better lives at the Community. Meneses Siblings are not just Coffee Producers. They are Specialty Coffee Growers. Where to find us
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    El Paraxaj
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    Agrocomercial Santa Felisa, Sociedad Anonima
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    Peach, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Floral, Grapefruit, Lemon, Red Wine, Bright, Red Apple, Creamy, Well Structured, Peach, Honey, Intense, Jasmine, Orange, Peach, Vanilla, Transparent, Complex, Almond, Macadamia, Black Tea , Buttery, Mango, Kiwi, Cherry, Hazelnut

, Chimaltenango, Guatemala


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