The name of the farm Sinai, responds to the idea of ​​the Arab origin of the Coffee, with 200 hectares of extension, is in a mountain called "Cerro del Ocote", belonging to the municipality of Santos Reyes Nopala, Oaxaca. 5 Generations have worked under the mission of "Offering high quality organic coffee committed to the constant improvement of the lives of all beings that contribute to its production". We have as vision "To be leaders in the production of organic coffee, to the vanguard, cultivating the quality of life of all those involved ”. Our farm Sinai was founded 148 years ago (in 1873 to be exact) by the entrepreneur and visionary rancher from San Pedro Mixtepec, Oaxaca Don Lorenzo Silva. Don Lorenzo Silva received an invitation of business from a Spanish sailor, who said that the mountains of Oaxaca, from the sea, looked the same to those of Colombia and that, if at that time Colombia was having a great boom due to the planting of coffee, in Oaxaca the same could also be done. Don Lorenzo agreed to partner with the Spaniard, and coffee plants and seeds from Colombia arrived back from the ship, which were planted on the farm.
Over time, the farm became the property of Doña Venencia Silva and her son Diego Woolrich Silva, daughter and grandson of Don Lorenzo and, upon their death, Doña Antonia Ramírez de Woolrich, Don Diego's wife, took over the farm, while her children grew up and could take care of it.
Currently, it is in charge of Diego Manuel and Alfredo Fernando, engineer and architect respectively, who have maintained and improved the conditions of coffee production with the trend towards the production of “specialty coffees”.
We have achieve different certifications as an organic coffee producer granted by SAGARPA, classification as an Environmental Management Unit (UMA) by SEMANART. Our farm contributes and cares in the management of its processes with the ecosystem and biodiversity, which was also the reason for being certified as “Bird Friendly” by the Smithsonian Institute. These certifications confirm the care given to our coffee plantations, and to the environment, that cradles and protects them to grant a specialty coffee. We manage good practices that complies with the organic agricultural, livestock and wild collection products under the USDA NOP standards for the United States market. Also in FINCA SINAI we take care to work every day with the utmost care to provide a quality standard of living to all those who contribute in the production of our coffee. We produce varietals such as Geisha, Mundo Novo, Typica, having as natural shade Inga and Aguacatillo trees. Our peak of harvest is generally January. The quality of our coffee is recognized in various competitions such as "Cup of Excellence Mexico". whatsapp +529515260219 DIEGO MANUELWOOLRICH RAMIREZ

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Finca Sinai
  • Farmer
    Diego Manuel Woolrich Ramirez
  • Altitude
  • Farm Size
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    Elegant, Fruity, Overall Sweet, Delicate attributes working together
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Orange ,Florar , Watermelon , Caramel , Honey , Lime , Milk Chocolate , Orange Blossom , Pear , Stone Fruit , Sweet spice , Bakers Chocolate, Bergamot, Berry, Black Cherry, Candied jam, Cardamon, Green Tea, Hazelnut, Honeysuckle, Lemongrass, Lychee, Mango, Maple Syrup, Milk, Peach, Pine, Plum, Rose, Sugarcane, Sweet & Sugary, Rose Tea
  • Acidity
    Malic Acid , Citric Acid , Citrus, Clean, Velvety

Santos Reyes Nopala, Oaxaca, Mexico


Cup of Excellence