Finca La Labor has been in the Montenegro family since 1850, 100 years ago Francisco Montenegro Giron , our grandfather, planted the firsts coffees today you can still find some off the trees in the farm. In its beginnings Bourbon variety was planted and work for sometime, today other varieties have been introduce , som geshas, The farm is at 1500 MSNM, with clay loam soil, with a lot of organic matter and the climate of the city makes our coffee have an exceptional profile and rich unique flavor.

Finca La labor is one of the last coffee farms located in the capital of Guatemala City, in zone18 being one of the last lungs of the northern area of the city.

Today the farm is worked by Francisco Quezada Montenegtro, the 3rd generation of the Montenegro Family . Francisco continues with the family tradition of cultivation and care for the environment, always innovating to stay within the market and establish his coffees as examples of family tradition and sustainability.

Farm Information
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    La Labor Y Anexo
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    Empresa Rancho Dulce, S. A.
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    Floral, Fruits, Hibiscus rose, Jasmine, Red wine, Bright, Citrus, Red apple, Creamy, Well structured, Aromatic, Caramel, Chocolate, Honey, Intense, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Peach, Red wine, Roses, Vanilla, White wine, Delicate, Clean, Well balanced, Menthol, Strawberry, Black tea, Lactic, Mango, Kiwi

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Cup of Excellence