I am Christian, started in coffee since 2008 where in a coffee shop in Bandung. I am interested in coffee when it is roasted, it smells very good and also the diversity of coffee from various regions which makes the taste different. from here I became interested in coffee and studied as a barista, then studied as a roaster and it didn't stop there, I entered plantations in 2010, especially in the Garut area, West Java, I studied with coffee farmers from planting to processing coffee and selling coffee. own process both locally and internationally,
and also with coffee farmers in 2018 we started to find solutions to each other for any problems that occur in coffee upstream, one of which is by providing natural fertilizer nutrients for coffee trees. this is what we highlight from our place, namely one of them is caring for coffee plantations for better and competitive results so that we can create an ecogreen village such as waste from coffee husks that can be used for fertilizer again so as to achieve the dream of zero waste for this independent village.

Farm Information
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    Panangan Mata Takengon Utara
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    Sigararutang 70%, Typica 30%

Aceh, Indonesia


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