Finca Don Jaime is located in the mountains of San Ignacio about 95 km from San Salvador. I am the 3rd generation since my grandfather started to produce coffee, then my father Manuel de Jesus Guevara, giving me a part of the farm that was formerly called the Guevara, in 1996 since then my family and I are dedicated to produce coffee and year after year we introduce new varieties, Pacas coffee was the one that began, Pacamara, Guesha and Kenya or SL28, improving our quality, the coffee we produce we dedicate much effort drying it in African beds and shade to get a better flavor and aroma. At Finca Don Jaime we work with 10 people. But at harvest time there are 30 or more people that gather to harvest the effort of a whole year. If you want to drink a tasty coffee drink coffee from Finca Don Jaime.

16th place Cup of Excellence El Salvador 2017
1st place The Besto of Chalatenango 2019
National Winner 2020

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Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Don Jaime
  • Farmer
    Jaime Ricardo Guevara Chavez
  • Altitude
    1550-1600 MSNM
  • Score
  • Rank
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
  • Overall
    Balance and stable, Juicy complex, thick body with lot of fruits, Caramel, Chocolate, Refined, Transparent, smooth and bright
  • Aroma / Flavor
    fruit, caramel, juniper, lime fruit, citrus, cedar, Blacktea, Stone fruit, sweet lemon, Chocolate, Nougat, Orange blossom, Orange & Lime, Grapes & Prune, Plum, Apples, Black currat, lychee, White wine,mango,apricot,cherry, brown suger, grape fruit, Green apple, Grape, nectarine,dried fruit,coconut, macadamia, caramel, purple fruits, cocoa, sugarcane, spice, citrus, Pink Grapefruit
  • Acidity
    bright, citric, complex, bright, tartaric, Malic, delicate citric, clear citric, strawberry, Cranberry, Complex stone citric,

Alotepec-Metapan, El Salvador


Cup of Excellence