El Güisquilar, was born in January 1965 as Francisco Ovalle Mendez’s dream, to then pass on his love and passion for coffee to his son and current manager, Jorge and his grandchildren. The state is located in the heart of Joya Grande Mountains (name that comes from the local dialect Mam “Nim Jul”), La Democracia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The goal has always been to produce high quality coffee making the least environmental impact, and being friendly to locals, that’s why most of our staff and workers are people from those communities, that have been working with us since our early beginnings. As passionates for coffee culture we know that, in order to enjoy a good cup of coffee, it’s important to be careful from the process of harvesting and selecting the seed, to when you enjoy the cup of coffee. We have eliminated the use of pesticides in our planting/growing process to help and mantain our ecosystem, taking advantage of the plague’s natural enemies. What our method seeks is to stop the degradation of the soil, and use the natural resources given by the land formations, such as organic materials for the coffee plants to breathe, and have a distinctive flavor provided by it.

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    El Guisquilar
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    Corporacion Mil, S. A.
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, Huehuetenango, Guatemala


National Winner