Ranch Kape´tenango (a Mam name, which means Land of Coffee) is a coffee-growing family business, which was established in 2014 with the purchase of a piece of land, in a place known as “La Ventana” (“The Window”), of 8.16 hectars. It has a spectecular panoramic view, a dense forest with a cloudy background. It is like seeing a beautiful panoramic picture. The small village belongs to the Aldea El Chalum, from the municipality of La Libertad/Huehuetenango, Guatemala. It rose up as an alternative to produce high quality coffee, as a palliative measure before this crisis that the coffee growing is finding itself for many years now.
The land is acquired with the premise of establishing experimental smallholdings with exotic varieties. At the end of the same year in 2014, first different African types of seeds have been brought from Kenia and Ethiopia. With such good luck and the good job of our collaborators in the field, a great amount of seeds germinated and in 2016 the first 1500 plants were planted. The following year we realized a sowing of some Geisha and Laurina plants. Thanks to the gift of two good friends, in 2018 we were able to sow 1000 plants of the variety H1 and 1000 plants for Parainema. It was a donation thatm we received from a program, which was promoted by Nestle and Volcafé.
We continue with this dream project, with the aim of finding the varieties, which best adapt to the conditions of the place and making our first seedbeds in 2019. We had our first harvest test of African varieties SL28, SL34 and a variety brought from Ethiopia and Geisha, for sowing in 2020.
This is the motivation we have, to satisfy the most demanding tastes of our appreciable consumers of our coffee.

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    Corporacion Maravilla, S. A.
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, Huehuetenango, Guatemala


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