It is a great honor to be consider as part of the National Winners program! I have worked very hard to prepare my coffee with good quality taking special care of the environment. I´m a third generation coffee producer and as a family we love our surrounding environment and we take care of birds and some other animals that visit our farm. We have different types of coffee varieties and different type of trees, creating interesting microclimates. My family has been a crucial support in order to be in this stage, for which I´m incredibly thankful for their understanding and backing me up, to give the best on this crop. My land is very important, I care a lot for mother nature, for giving me so much to have this lovely coffee. I recognize the importance of the many “helping hands” we have in our farm. The experience of the pickers, selecting the best beans is a valuable asset for me and my family. This is the first time for me to participate on in Cup of Excellence. I decided to try a prolonged fermentation for the pacas, and washed process for the Parainema to emphasized the natural flavors and intensify their aromas and delicacy. I´m sure this will be an interesting coffee to try! I was motivated by an international buyer, I´m very motivated with high hopes! I had the chance to share our impressions with other Honduran producers. In Spanish “La Paz” means “Peace” which is what I would like to share with future buyers that might come to visit and have a cup of coffee with me and my family! I wish for all Honduran coffee growers a successful bid and I hope to see you soon here in Honduras! cel. 50497254761

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    La Laguna
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    Pedro Jose Urquía Turcios
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La Laguna, Honduras


National Winner