La Unión, San Fernando, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua Height: 1400 to 1600 meters above sea level (masl) Farm Area: 16 blocks Coffee Production Area: 5.6 hectares Varieties: Red Catuai ,Yellow Catuai ,Catimor ,Maracaturra Activities to achieve coffee quality on the farm: At "Los Cielitos" we have a deep focus on good plantation, harvest and post harvest management that begins with my love of the farm, of work and my passion for creating a quality product. We have a work team committed to the objective and mission of the plantation. We pay special attention to general management practices, harvest collection at points of optimum maturity, separation of pinto beans at the end of each day, pulping after 12 hours of rest in grapes, and washing after a minimum of 24 hours of fermentation. The greatest satisfaction of our work is that our clients can enjoy an excellent cup of “Los Cielitos” coffee. Farm Review: "Los Cielitos" is a small family farm, under the general management of Johanna Amador. Johanna is the mother of three children and after dedicating herself for many years to their care, she began to get involved in the world of coffee. Johanna has a lot of love for her work and her motivation and determination that the coffee from Los Cielitos reach its best potential and quality was born there. The farm is located on the slopes of Cerro Mogotón (highest peak in Nicaragua), La Unión area, San Fernando Municipality, Nueva Segovia Department, Nicaragua. The name of the farm, "Los Cielitos" refers to its privileged location and outstanding elevation. On certain days, the individual can literally feel above the clouds

The farm has a total area of 16 blocks, 8 under production. The farm has been dedicated to the strict cultivation of specialty coffee for the last 6 years under the special care of Johanna. The average elevations of the farm oscillate between 1400-1600 meters above sea level; Not only does it provide a great view, it also creates an exceptional coffee profile. The predominant coffee variety is "Catuai". The farm has Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Catimor, and Maracaturra. Last year, an expansion was carried out through the sowing of 9 thousand plants, venturing into new exotic varieties that will supply dynamic markets. and modern consumer preferences. The altitude of the farm provides great opportunities for varieties that are not commonly grown in Nicaragua. Johanna directs all agricultural activities on the plantation with great joy and determination. She leads by example, often working side by side doing all kinds of activities to improve bottom line results, from planting, weeding, harvesting and much more. Some of the improvements to the plantation highlight the creation of new access routes, installation of sustainable solar electricity, and soil analysis to determine the fertilizer requirements and other specific parameters of the plantation, thus being sustainable with resources and the environment. Johanna said that “we are grateful for this new opportunity to position our coffees among the best in Nicaragua, thanks a lot to COE, ALLIANCE FOR COFFEE EXCELLENCE, CONATRADEC and the other delegations involved in Cup of Excellence - Nicaragua 2021”. Johanna and her family firmly believe that being strategic in the way they grow coffee has a positive impact on the operation, the people part of the work team, nearby communities, as well as guaranteeing a great experience for all those who manage to enjoy a cup of "Los Cielitos" coffee anywhere in the world. Here Johanna again, “connecting with new clients through Direct Markets allows us to have a better opportunity to improve our production, continue to produce high quality coffee, offer more and better employment opportunities for nearby rural communities, provide an example for other producers. in the area, and hopefully open the doors to educational opportunities for the farm helpers in the future, ”a goal that Johanna and her family have had in recent years. "If you have the opportunity to try it, we are sure you will enjoy it."

Farm Information
  • Farm Name
    Los Cielitos
  • Farmer
    Johana Amador Rodriguez
  • Altitude
  • Score
Lot Information
  • Year
  • Processing System
  • Variety
    Catuai Rojo,Catuai Amarillo
  • Overall
    Bright, Overall Sweet, Sparkling, Sweet, Sweet herb
  • Aroma / Flavor
    Chocolate , Orange , Sweet , Butter, Citrus Fruit, Cocoa, Complex, Floral, Fruity, Green Tea, Hazelnut, Juicy, Nougat, Nut, Pulp
  • Acidity
    Orange , Plum , Citrus, Honeydew

San Fernando, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua


National Winner