When Jimmy Ramírez discovered his passion for coffee, he was just a kid, and ever since he has worked very hard and determined to acquire a small piece of land, convinced he had found a way to fight poverty on his small town. He thought every little plant of coffee was a “soldier” willing to help fulfil his lifetime dream. It has been more than 15 years when he began with his family to establish a farm where to work with the coffee pickers. The curious name of the farm “La Malquerida” was given by the pickers who year after year decide to step by and work on a nice environment, dedicated to promote sports and tourism on his village. Jimmy was born on a small southern county of El Paraíso region. He was a natural – born leader, gifted young entrepreneur which made him get involved in many social activities of his community. This is the first time Jimmy participate on Cup of Excellence. His main goals are the following: To promote the quality of the coffee produced in the El Paraíso region; apply his acquired knowledge of microlots preparation; motivate young people to participate on the specialty coffee value chain and get involved with international markets and establish a long – time commercial relationship. cel. 50493279683

Farm Information
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    Mal Querida
  • Farmer
    Jimmy Thoms Ramírez Lopez
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Mal Querida, Honduras


National Winner